Face Painting Competition

Face Painting Competition

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Real education consists in drawing the best out of yourself “. The Senior School page to stage activity, ‘Face Painting competition’ was organized with the same aim in GMIS Auditorium on 28th February 2012.

The variety of themes from which students could make a selection was Global Peace, Go Green, Horror and Multicultural. Facial Expressions, Relevance to the theme, Balance of Design, Creativity and overall impact were the criteria for assessment.

The Activity connected to IBMYP- AOI- Human Ingenuity, IBDP- Internationalism while the concept focused was ‘One world’ and the central idea was Humanity. It started with a power point followed by thought provoking composition of painting punctuated by a song and a dance.

Total 43 groups of students participated in the activity with various innovative ideas. The students related their face painting to many IB Learner profile with clarity. To conclude the programme, the Principal, Mr A.P. Singh rated the face-painting competition as par excellence with creative ideas and innovation.

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