Kartini Day celebration

Kartini Day celebration

132nd Kartini Day celebration in Gandhi Memorial International School

Jakarta, 21/04/12. The Gandhi Memorial International School was abuzz with activity and a strong fervor of service on 21st of April to celebrate the birth anniversary one of the most respected women of Indonesia.

Thoughts might be the starting point but action is what makes an impact and brings the change. Guided by this point of view the GMIS family reaffirmed its faith in, service being the best form of worship. The Chairman of the school Suresh.G Vaswani delivered his welcome address and re affirming the school ‘s commitment to serve the society. The President of Gandhi Seva  Loka,  Mr Shyam Rupchand Jethnani and other executive members also graced the occasion with their presence.

The various institutions for underprivileged children that GMIS has been supporting over the years were invited to the function.  Pesantaran Nurul Iman, Bogor was helped with the amount of Rp 20,000,000.  The representatives of Yayasan  Binangkit collected a check of RP 15,000,000 and 10 cartons filled with goods.  Sekolah Ravinala  for the visually impaired was provided with an amount of Rp 10,000,000. Children and representatives of Yayasan Nurul Falah, Yayasan SDN pingku and  Yayasan Makna Bakti  were helped with the amount of 5,000,000 each .

The last donation of RP 40,000,000 was made to the maintenance and security staff of GMIS  Talent and opportunity met each other and the gap that exists between the privileged and the under privileged children was wiped out as GMIS students and the students from the various yayasans shared the same stage.  Ranging from the enthusiastic foot tapping numbers by the tiny tots to the graceful dance movements of the Indonesian dance all performances cast a spell on the audience . The multicultural structure of GMIS was truly exhibited on stage in its full glory.
The Principal Mr. A.P. Singh, presented his vote of thanks and lauded the efforts of everyone involved. All in all it was an event to be remembered for a long time. ( Ms. Shalini )

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