Chairman’s Greetings


The world is changing, lifestyles are fast changing. today's child is tomorrow's global citizen.

Keeping this goal in mind the GMIS Jakarta is commited to equip the students with human values, culture and heritage along with academic rigour. The secret of hard work and importance of ethics through the holistic IB curriculum are given emphasis at GMIS.

Our dedicated faculty serves the children by providing quality education and motivates each student to stretch and reach greater heights. We expect our parents to regularly follow up their child's progress in all his/her endeavors. In case of any difficulty, feel free to discuss with our staff, at any level to work out solutions.

Our classes have small numbers so that the teacher can devote personal attention to every child and monitor the progress. The teachers adopt a proactive teaching methodology that ensures the participation of every students in the class. The entire curriculum for the year is planned and implemented in two terms.

We have state of the art laboratories, language labs, ultra modern theater and bright air conditioned classes. As we believe that there is nothing more precious than good health, we have a full time senior doctor and nurse in the school's clinic. we also have facilities for yoga, aerobics, tennis, golf, swimming, boxing, taekwondo, badminton, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cricket and a well equipped air conditioned gymnasium. Our campus is kept ultra clean by ISS, an international cleaning service.

I implore our parents to continue their valuable cooperation and vision so that together we can unleash the potential of our children and empower them with human values to be come successful and contributing global citizens who,

  • Dream Big
  • Are creative and original thinkers
  • Persevere and have a "never say die" spirit
  • Believe in the school's motto - "Virtue Et Labore" that all greatness is achieved by sustained hard work. the flame in the logo of the school signifies a life long flame for learning.

I hope you agree that our facilities, well qualified faculty, staff and the IB, IGCSE and board programmes are second to none. This prospectus contains a range of information about GMIS. it gives an insight into the life of the school and offers advise which you will find helpful in supporting your child's education .

Education opens doors to many opportunities. At GMIS we are constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the best to offer the best to your children. We need your support to ensure that your child make the most of all the opportunities available. We look forward to working together to draw out the full potential of your children in their academic work and most importantly in their personality.

I take great pleasure in inviting you to join us as we continue to nurture citizens for tomorrow's world. I wish you the very best and success in your aspirations.


Suresh G. Vaswani