The Principal’s Message


An academic year in a multicultural international school is full of challenges and achievements of a different kind. I make this statement taking into consideration our heterogeneous student body from over 40 countries who study, play and pray together under a common umbrella.

GMIS is a non-denominational institution and we strive continuously to maintain this order. A spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and friendliness prevails in classrooms, library, laboratories, gym, school buses, play fields and the school campus.

Throughout the school year students are actively involved in dynamic curriculum, which encompass creative thinking, enquiry, originality in writing, and proactive discussions with teachers who through their teamwork and dedication motivate and encourage even the weak students to do well in study, sports and multidimensional activities. A sense of satisfaction, happiness and achievement is felt by all of us when we see our students developing, learning and attaining high goals. We also emphasize on cultivating emotional intelligence, a spirit of charity and empathy in all our students.

Our pupils are constantly made aware of all that is taking place in the world so that they can develop into responsible citizens and become the guardians of the environment of our planet earth.

Parents have been cooperative and followed the guidelines of the school and we too readily heard their views and incorporated in the day-to-day running of the school. After all, GMIS is a big family which works on mutual support where the students are cheerful and hardworking.

Our students are full of enthusiasm and joy. They like to come to school and meet the multifarious challenges posed to them by the teachers.

The teachers also instill the values of creative thinking, reading good books, confidence building and respecting others values and beliefs and developing a spirit of tolerance.

Two thousand years ago, Socrates had said that education is the eliciting of knowledge and creative thinking from the mind.

We at GMIS truly believe in this philosophy linked with International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP and Diploma programmes which also focus on original thinking, human values, concern for fellow beings and our planet earth.

We do not believe in complacency, knowing fully well that education is a dynamic life long learning process. After all, we have the enormous responsibility of moulding the lives of all the children entrusted in our charge and care.

In the school year 2001-02 ie the last academic year, students did well in cricket, winning the Jakarta Cricket Association Inter-school tournament once again. Many children participated in acts of charity, visiting old age homes, donating money, clothes, bags, variety of stationeries etc…

Dramatics, performing arts and painting flourished in the school. Students had fun and joy in programmes like ‘Look Alike’, ‘Bee in my bonnet’, ‘Cheerleading’, ‘Fun Fair’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Aerobics’, ‘Choral singing, painting and drawing, ice skating, bowling , playing basketball etc….

We had, by the grace of God a very successful school year and once again I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all supervisors, the teachers who work so hard and also the office staff for their diligence and the school’s managing committee for their guidance and support and last but not the least for the most wonderful children we have at GMIS, children who have dreams, the talent, determination and an indomitable spirit to change their stars for a brighter tomorrow.


Ashok Pal Singh / Principal