School Fees

School Fees

(Payable once only joining school)
Pre-school (Nursery,KG,Prep) US$ 4000
Grades 1 - 12 US$ 7000
SCHOOL FEE (Payable in advance term wise) Pre-School US$ 2310 / term of six months
Grades 1 - 5 US$ 2750 / term of six months
Grades 6 - 8 US$ 3300 / term of six months
Grades 9 - 10 US$ 3740 / term of six months
Grades 11 - 12 US$ 4400 / term of six months
REGISTRATION FEE (Payable only on joining Grades 1, 6, 9, and 11) Grades 1 US$ 600
Grades 6 US$ 700
Grades 9 US$ 750
Grades 11 US$ 800
ENROLLMENT FEE (Payable once only on joining school) US$ 500
SECURITY DEPOSIT (Payable once only on joining school and it'is refund when student leaves) US$ 200
MISCELLANEOUS FEE (To be paid before the begining of every school year) US$ 300 / academic year

FEES PAYABLE IN RUPIAH at Prevailing bank rate

Please note that the Admission Fee, Enrollment Fee, Tuition Fee and Registration Fee paid are not transferable not refundable.

All Fees are charged TERM WISE, students who leave school before the end of a term are required to pay the full term school fee. Books and uniforms are not included in the school fees.

Books and uniforms are not included in the school fees.

Schedule of fees with effect from 1st January 2018


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